You don’t have to completely overhaul your website design to make a bigger impact on your search engine rankings. Some simple tweaks to your existing content and efforts to spread it can help you climb up the rankings.

Here are 20 small changes to make in your digital marketing efforts, which can have a direct positive impact on your search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Automate Your Social Media

Marketing automation frees up your time, so you consistently share content without having to manually update it. Use a tool like Hootsuite so that you’re sharing content regularly and getting more eyes on your content.

2. 10x Your Content

Take your top three blog posts, and think about ways you can make them 10 times better. Can you add updated statistics? Can you insert media that will make it more enjoyable to consume? Can you create an infographic based on the content that is highly shareable? Increasing your content marketing efforts on posts that are already working can bring more traffic.

3. Make Headlines More Clickable

Do an audit of your content headlines. Not only should they feature keywords you want to rank for and that relate to the content, but they should also be enticing enough to make people want to click. Think how-tos, lists and X number of tips in posts.

4. Add External Links

If you mention a brand in a piece of content, make sure you’re linking to them. Every external link you put in your content to a high-quality site signals to that brand that you’re linking to them. They might check out your business and link back. You gain the benefit of being associated with a high-quality site.

20 Small Changes That Will Have a Huge Impact on Your SEO5. Clean Up URLs

If you never put much thought into URLs before, go back and make sure they contain relevant keywords. URLs that are to-the-point but that also contain a keyword are a win-win for users. You can redirect old URLs, which might be linked to around the web, to your new fresh page.

6. Embed High-Quality Content on Your Site

An easy way to increase the amount of high-quality content you have on your site is to embed other content on your site. As long as you paste the embed code of a video, GIF or infographic and surround it with new text, search engines won’t view your site as poaching content and duplicating it. Your users will benefit from the great content and might be more likely to share it.

7. Speed It Up

Page speed, for views on any device, is a crucial ranking factor for SEO. Use Google’s PageSpeed tools to make sure your site is up to snuff.

8. Add on to Existing Content

Do you have content that is thin or short or that could be buffed up with updated statistics and trends? Adding on to existing content lets you work with more keywords in your content, provide more value to users, and makes old content relevant once again.

9. Add an SEO Plug-In to Your Blog

If you use a blog platform like WordPress, add a free plug-in like Yoast to your blog. You’ll be able to see what SEO recommendations there are for each post that you can make to boost its rankings, from switching up keywords to adding on to a meta-description.

10. Fix Spelling Errors

Has someone proofread your blog? It’s never too late to go back and actually re-read your content. You might have misspelled keywords that could be corrected, or just improve the user experience and professionalism of your site so that your content gets shared more.

20 Small Changes That Will Have a Huge Impact on Your SEO11. Add Your Website to Free Directories

Make sure your site is on local directories like Yelp and is optimized for Google Local Search. Local SEO efforts can help you get seen by people searching for your exact service in your area. When your site is on free profiles, you gain a credible backlink and a new search engine ranking, too.

12. Make Sure Your Website Is Secure

Google also wants your website to be secure if it’s going to feature it in search results. Adopt HTTPS for an essential boost.

13. Create a Free Tool

Go a step beyond great free content, and build a free tool. Think something like a mortgage calculator for a real estate company, which can be shared and links back to your site every time someone uses it.

14. Optimize High-Ranking Content for Featured Snippets

As we’ve covered, featured snippets can increase organic traffic revenue by more than 600 percent. Featured snippet content is the rich content people see when they search, without having to click through – though clickthrough rates on those pages are 6 percent higher. Take your best content, and optimize for featured snippets using the techniques mentioned in our blog.

15. Use Content in Email Marketing

Next time you create an email marketing campaign, make sure you’re linking to relevant content in the email. You’ll help users learn more about the topics they want to, and you’ll gain more clicks for your content.

16. Optimize for Mobile

Google prioritizes the mobile user experience in its rankings. Make sure your site is secure on mobile, loads quickly on mobile and is a dream to use (no pinching or zooming – think fingertip typing.)

17. Get Inspired by Competitor Content, and Make It Better

Is there a way you can improve the content experience that your competitors are ranking for? Plagiarism will get you penalized, but you can use successful content from competitors to inspire your new content or changes to existing content, that becomes so much better.

18. Add Internal Links

Increase the time users spend on your website, and provide them with even more valuable information, by internally linking throughout your website wherever it’s appropriate.

19. Send Popular Content to Influencers

Boost the reach of your stellar content by sharing it with influencers. Respond to their Tweets with links to relevant content, or better yet, send them a personalized email with content that can benefit their own followings.

20. Add Internal Links to 404 Pages

Next time a user gets a 404 page on your website, instead of showing them a plain and boring message, present them with internal links to content they might enjoy. Instead of abandoning your site, you might be able to keep more users’ attention

Need Help Pinpointing the Right Changes?

There are so many little fixes you can make to a website to increase your SEO value, but you want to focus on the ones that will deliver the most value for your efforts. Want some free advice on what to work on first? Contact us for a free SEO audit.