Law firms have long relied on traditional advertising and referrals to get the word out about their practices. While these methods may still bring some clients, some of the most successful law firms today have invested in a strong content marketing strategy that brings qualified leads to their firms through digital marketing.

Content marketing is creating helpful content – such as blogs, videos and whitepapers – that educates customers and leads, as well as increases trust and builds relationships. When those content consumers need legal services, the firm will be at top of mind and will have established enough authority to convert.

Many of your competitors are probably already using content marketing, as MarketingProfs reports 91 percent of B2B marketers and 86 percent of B2C marketers use content marketing. If your law firm is new to content marketing or has started some form of it but still isn’t completely sold, here are four reasons why law firms should invest in content marketing strategy.

4 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Invest in Content Marketing1. It Provides Measurable Results – and Works

Unlike a television or print ad which may drive a few calls to your firm without you knowing where those leads came from, digital marketing through content provides your business with a way to measure your efforts.

A tool like Google Analytics links up with your blog platform, so you can see which pages are driving the most referrals. You can use keyword research to drive content ideation, then measure how those keywords you want to rank for on search engines are fluctuating due to the content marketing efforts you’re backing them with.

Since you can continually optimize your strategy based on what’s working (unlike traditional advertising where it’s difficult to pinpoint ineffective details), content marketing gives your law firm the opportunity to improve its connections with leads and customers.

According to the B2C and B2B Content Marketing 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America reports, 78 percent of B2C marketers and 73 percent of B2B marketers find content marketing to be moderate to extremely successful. These numbers have been increasing year-over-year in recent surveys.

2. Content Marketing Increases Search Results

A key component of successful SEO strategy is content marketing. While search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, one consistent factor has been the influence of high-quality content on search results rankings. This includes both valuable content that is featured on your own website, as well as guest posts throughout the web that include high-quality links back to your site.

Buying search pay-per-click advertising is one way to increase your law firm’s results for certain terms, but content marketing offers a long-term SEO strategy. A piece of content from five years ago that gets regularly updated with new research may bring you more traffic today than any other page on your website.

As content is shared and revisited, its search engine value increases. When you include a lead capture form on all pieces of content, your blogs, articles and other content forms become consistent lead generation tools.

4 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Invest in Content Marketing3. Marketing Through Content Humanizes Your Firm

Law firms can be intimidating and confusing to the average customer. Legalese and procedures can seem overwhelming. Without content that clearly explains your services, gives examples of when people might need them, and provides your content visitors with advice that builds trust, there might not be much convincing a web visitor that they should work with your law firm, let alone contact you for a consultation.

Content marketing is a great way to speak to your target customers in an easy-to-understand way. You can also use content to write about relatable topics, in a friendly and caring voice. This helps to humanize your brand, which makes you seem more relatable and approachable.

You can use content marketing to show off bio videos of your team, or testimonial videos from other clients. Video content gives visitors a direct view into the inner workings of your firm, so they can gauge their comfort with it. Smart Insights reports 90 percent of consumers say videos are helpful in their decision-making process. Think about common questions your firm gets, and use those to create videos or blogs addressing them.

4. Its Shareability Increases Public Relations for Your Firm

Another reason why content marketing is advantageous compared to traditional advertising is that content is shareable. A great piece of content might get consumed and then spread through social media, email or among friends. You get free awareness for your business, because the content you created is worthwhile enough to share.

Make sure any content you publish is easy to share by featuring clickable buttons that create one-click shares to media like Facebook, Twitter, and email. Since 2016, more web page visits have occurred on mobile than desktop devices, so make sure your website content is optimized for mobile, too.

Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

If you’d like to learn more about the specific ways a content marketing strategy can benefit your law firm, AlphaMind Studios is here to help. We work with law firms across the country, setting up blogs, providing content strategy and creating content that increases revenue for their firms.

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