There’s a variety of digital marketing solutions out there, and paid advertising is one that can be very effective for a wide range of businesses. Unlike paid advertising through traditional means, like a TV commercial or billboard, paid advertising online is powerful because it offers users robust data that helps them fully understand campaign effectiveness.

It’s difficult to tell how many people saw a newspaper ad and called your business because of it. With an ad on a digital channel like Google, however, you can see:

  • Which advertisements are creating the most conversions
  • Exactly how much you’re paying for each conversion
  • What device users are using when they click on the ad and contact your company
  • And much more!

Targeting with paid advertising is hyper-focused, as well. In certain situations, we absolutely recommend using a paid advertising strategy.

But First – What Is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising online can occur through a variety of forms. These include:

  • Display or banner ads, which are standalone ads on a website, sort of like print magazine ads
  • Pre-roll advertisements, which are ads that play at the beginnings of videos
  • Retargeting ads, which are ads that are sent to a user based on their web browsing behavior
  • Pay-per-click ads, which are shown on a network like Facebook or Google and reach customers based on web usage and demographics

In order for any paid advertising campaign to be effective, the website experience users are led to needs to be relevant to the advertisement. Users won’t convert if your website doesn’t work or doesn’t deliver what the ad said it would.

With proper ad strategy, creation and targeting, you can reach better qualified leads and increase your conversions. Here are five business situations where paid advertising pays off.

1. You’ve Just Launched Your Business

Building brand awareness is key when you’ve just launched your business. Instead of taking out an ad that might be ignored on traditional media, you can use paid advertising to hone in on the exact customer base you want to reach.

Want your business to be seen by males 50 years old and older who make $125,000 or more a year and love chihuahuas? It’s possible on Facebook. Want to climb into the top spot on Google even before you’ve started a blog on your website? Google Ads can help.

2. You Need to Capture Leads

Paid advertising is a great way to capture leads and get them in the buyer journey. You can create an excellent piece of content, create a landing page for it, ask for an email address in order to get the content, and then share the landing page in an ad. People click on the ad because they want the content, and you’ve just captured a lead.

Put the lead into a drip email marketing campaign. You can continue to form relationships with leads and nurture them throughout the journey.

5 Times You Should Use Paid Advertising3. You Have an Amazing Piece of Content

Speaking of stellar content, if you’ve put the time, energy and resources into creating it, you should get it seen. A piece of content that is highly valuable will get shared organically. Use paid advertising to get some eyeballs on it quickly, and then those users will hopefully spread it around to their contacts at no cost to you because of its value.

Advertising your content also has the additional value of helping you improve your search engine optimization (SEO). The more people who see your content and link to it, the higher it will be expected to climb in search engine rankings. If you want your business to rank for a particular keyword naturally over time, allocating some paid advertising spend early on can help.

4. You’re Promoting a Limited-Time Campaign

Marketing campaigns with limited time windows can get more participation through advertising. Maybe you’re running a contest or offering a coupon or freebie. If that campaign is expected to garner leads and customers, an investment in paid advertising is wise.

The great news is, with advertisements on sites like Instagram or Facebook, users can see what kinds of ads their friends have interacted with. Advertisers get the advantage of benefiting from organic reach when a campaign is engaging and resonates with customers who are targeted.

5 Times You Should Use Paid Advertising5. You Want to Get to Know Your Best Customers

Digital marketing in general is effective because you can learn so much about your leads and customers. Just about any type of website manager you use or social media site you’re on will provide you with analytics that show what types of people are visiting your pages and what types of content are performing best.

But if you’re revenue-focused, you’ll want to know which of those users are showing you the money. Paid ads do this. You can test several types of ad campaigns against each other to see which demographics are bringing your the most conversions, what types of content are driving sales, and more. Running paid advertising campaigns on several platforms helps you compare and optimize your budget further. It’s much more difficult to compare how valuable conversions are when you’re using traditional advertising.

Pay to Get Paid

These are just a few times when paid advertising campaigns are well worth the investment. The content you bring users to must be relevant and valuable in order to keep visitors engaged, which is why paid advertising works so well with and is dependent on high-quality inbound marketing efforts, website design and other digital elements.

If you are interested in running a paid advertising campaign that brings your business more revenue, contact us for a free consultation.