You know that video marketing strategy is essential because of how many of your customers want more videos from you and how much video content they’re already consuming. But where do you start in terms of what you film, edit and upload? Use these ideas as a jumping-off point for creating amazing video content for your target leads and current customers.

1. Turn Current Content into Videos

If you already have a blog, there’s probably a bevy of content waiting to make its video debut. Dive into your content management platform, and use these categories to find video-worthy content.

  • Top-performing content: If something you’ve written is already performing well, then it’s likely to translate well in video format, too. You can create a video as simple as someone reading the blog to a camera, or take out top nuggets of wisdom, and get more detailed in videos.
  • Content with lots of comments and questions: Blogs that generate a lot of discussion might make great videos, too. You can directly address comments and questions, and revamp the blog into a more well-rounded video.
  • Old content that needs a refresh: If you created content with outdated stats, you can update it through a video and highlight why the issue is current today.

Any content that would lend itself to a visual format may perform better when it’s turned into a video. Look beyond the blog, and think about podcast, webinar and slideshow content that could work well in videos, too.

5 Ways to Generate Video Marketing Ideas2. Answer Customer Questions

What are the top five questions you get from leads and customers? Address them with video content.

This is a great way to show off your staff, too. You can have your marketing department head be the star of marketing-focused videos, use your top customer support staffer in a customer service-focused video, and bring a researcher into a science video, if that’s relevant to your brand.

Answering customer queries in videos helps your search engine optimization. You can add a full video transcript to the video page, so users can not just watch the video for the answer, but read a description for it, too.

3. Let Keywords Drive Strategy

Work that’s done in your search engine optimization strategy can also help inform your video marketing strategy. Use keyword research through a keyword planner tool to see what terms your leads and customers are searching for. Use those keywords to get ideas for videos.

Once you’ve created videos that are inspired by keywords you want to rank for, bolster video reach by complementing the video with a blog. Embed those keyword-driven videos on your website or in email marketing to provide more value in your content.

5 Ways to Generate Video Marketing Ideas4. Show Off Staff

Video content is a great way to inject more personality into your brand. For businesses that could benefit from showing off the human side to a brand, use video to connect with more customers. Especially for B2B brands, tech brands or brands that seem “boring,” you can really get creative with video to humanize your brand. Here are some ideas:

  • Create short get-to-know-you videos where staff introduces themselves, especially from top leadership like your CEO. An additional benefit of these types of videos is that you can add the person’s name to the headline of the video page, which makes the content more searchable.
  • Capture your company culture. Whether it’s a video of your team volunteering in the community or celebrating something at the office, use video to convey why working at your company is rewarding.
  • Use staff in content. Instead of hiring actors, enlist your staff to star in your business videos. There is probably plenty of hidden talent available that’s eager to work for you on screen.

Your team probably also has a lot of ideas to contribute for video content. If they’re passionate about a certain video topic, get them involved in the video creation.

5. Explain and Teach

Explainer videos and videos that teach your users are some of the most shareable types of video content around. Users can refer to them again and again when they want to reinforce learning. Discovering insights that relate to your brand increases trust in your business. When you provide value to a user, they’re one step closer to choosing you when they want to make a purchase.

Think about how you can use video to better explain or teach about your product or service. There might be one product with several features that could each be turned in to their own explainer videos. You can use your staff to demonstrate a product or service, or use animation to depict an idea in an engaging way.

Get Started with Video to Increase Conversions

You can start producing videos with a tool as simple as a smartphone. Make video marketing part of your strategy, since it:

  • Helps customers understand your product or service
  • Produces content that is shareable
  • Makes other types of content more meaningful

Use what you already have to get ideas, enlist your staff for help and talent, use keywords to inspire content, and create videos that directly help customers. By creating strategic content in videos, you can get more conversions.