If you are aware of search engine optimization (SEO) and recognize you need to a strategy for your business, that’s a positive first step toward increasing your revenue through digital marketing. Some of the reasons why SEO is so valuable, points out Search Engine Journal, include:

  • Organic search is one of the most important sources of website traffic
  • SEO best practices relate to a better user experience, quality content and authority
  • SEO efforts are measurable and optimizable
  • Great SEO increases leads and conversions

Some companies try to manage SEO in-house. But if your business is doing that and experiencing any of the following red flags, it’s a sign that you could use some professional SEO help to increase rankings and increase conversions.

1. Your Page Isn’t Showing Up on Google – Anywhere

If you’ve tried to type in the exact title of a web page or blog post you’ve written into a Google search engine, and not only do you not see it on the first page, but on the second, third and so on, something is wrong. As we’ve covered, two reasons why your website may not be appearing in search engines are that the search engine has blocked or banned your site, or that your site is full of low-quality content.

An SEO expert can help make your website legitimate in search engines’ eyes and make recommendations for improving the quality of your content. If you used in-house website design, your site may also include “noindex” tags for some reason. Removing them is simple and quick with the right help.

7 Signs You Need Help with SEO2. You’re Using Content Marketing, But Nothing Is Improving

Content marketing is an essential component of SEO. Search engines crawl content for keywords and ideas that match search queries, then deliver those web pages to searches. Without content, it’s highly difficult to compete with competitors who are delivering robust value through the detailed content they’re sharing.

If you have a blog and are creating content like blog posts and videos, but you’re still not improving your search results, possible problems include:

  • The content is low-quality
  • The content doesn’t provide as much value as that of competitors that are ranking
  • The content is focused on the wrong keywords
  • The content is not optimized with search engines in mind

SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. An SEO strategist can work with your content marketing team to help optimize content strategy and the way content is presented on the page.

3. You Have Rankings But No Conversions

If you’re fortunate enough to land on first-page search results and hopefully to climb into the top three rankings, that’s a big win for your business. But if you’ve achieved those rankings and still aren’t getting a return on your SEO investment through conversions, something is wrong.

Rankings that lack conversions mean the content that you’re ranking for isn’t really relevant to the buyer journey. You may be providing great content that has no real impact on your sales. Or, your content may be relevant, but there aren’t conversion optimization strategies built into your page. The content may be evergreen and no longer align with your brand strategy. Or, other SEO issues, like page security or speed, may be turning users off once they land on the content. An SEO expert can help you pinpoint the problem and adjust.

4. You Aren’t Tagging Your Pages

Title, meta and header tags are vital to include in every piece of content. These help search engine bots understand the content better, so they know if it’s relevant to user searches.

Some common tag mistakes users make include:

  • Not including keywords in tags
  • Making tags too long, and adding keywords at the end
  • Creating low-quality tags
  • Focusing on the wrong things – like getting too cutesy or gimmicky, instead of writing keyword-focused tags

Not using tags also makes your content less valuable to readers, who want scannable content divided into chunks of information. Google focuses on quality when determining search results, so how you use tags is an important part of SEO and content strategy.

7 Signs You Need Help with SEO5. You’re Not Sure Which Keywords to Focus On

If you’ve tipped your toe into SEO, you know that keywords are a core component of SEO strategy. But some businesses guess keywords without doing proper research. You might be focusing on keywords that have no conversion value, or that are oversaturated in your market. You could be missing out on longtail (longer, niche) keywords that could provide immense value to your brand.

Picking 10 random keywords to work on is not SEO strategy. Keyword research involves looking at search volume, top keywords, competitor analysis and more to find the best keywords. Otherwise, you might be landing in results for totally irrelevant keywords that provide no value to your business.

6. Your Review/Directory Rankings Are Dismal

Technically, sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook aren’t “search engines,” but users today are increasingly using them to search. The benefit is that not only can users find restaurants, hotels and more on these sites, but they also get results that their friends have personally recommended. Local SEO and review strategy, for this reason, should be a part of any SEO strategy. If your brand is ranking low on these sites, or doesn’t appear on them at all, that’s a sign you need SEO help.

Local SEO efforts, not surprisingly, are especially important for businesses with local customers. These include online businesses, too. An SEO strategist will help your brand rank higher on Google’s local search engine listings, as well as help you optimize your presence on review sites, which also show up in search engines.

7. There’s Aren’t Many Pages Linking Back to Your Site

The number of links from high-authority websites that link back to your site is one of the most powerful factors in determining search engine results. Think: bloggers linking to your brand, online publications using your brand as a source, online directories linking to your brand and more.

You can sign up for Google Alerts for your brand so you stay up-to-date on each new link back to your site. If you are never getting any, that’s not good for your SEO. If you Google your business name and only see your own website representing your brand, that’s another sign that you need more quality backlinks. Blogger outreach and content marketing efforts (like guest blogging) can help you increase the number of great pages linking back to your site.

So, Do You Need SEO Help?

If you’ve put some effort into SEO but just aren’t seeing results, AlphaMind Studios can help. We’ll give your brand a free consultation to identify some ways to improve SEO. Get in touch with us here.