Make better videos for your business and use them more wisely in 2018. Use these video marketing statistics to propel your strategy, excite your customers, and create more conversions.

#1: Get on Board with Video: NOW

The stat: 65 percent of businesses that don’t currently use video will start using it in 2018. (Source: HubSpot)

What it means for your business: Integrating video into your digital marketing strategy is no longer an option. Video marketing improves search results, provides engaging content, and is a desirable medium for consumers who are watching more videos than ever. Your competitors are catching on. Even if your initial strategy uses DIY iPhone videos or simply focuses on sharing videos from other sources in your content, it’s time to make this visual medium a priority.

#2: Get to the Point Quickly

The stat: A video that is less than 90 seconds sees an average retention at the end of 53 percent, compared to a video that is over 30 minutes and retains only 10 percent of its audience. (Source: Vidyard)

What it means for your business: The shorter the video is, the higher the retention rate is. This doesn’t mean that you have to make all videos 90 seconds or less, but aim to convey your most important information early on and hold viewer attention beyond the 90-second mark by making each second beneficial.

#3: Show Off Products in Videos

The stat: Consumers are at least two-thirds more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. (Source: Kissmetrics)

What it means for your business: Explainer videos about your products or services are valuable video content. They demystify how the product works, they show viewers why the product is worth purchasing, and they’re instantly shareable to create referrals for your business. You can transcribe these videos for more SEO juice for your products, too.

7 Video Marketing Statistics to Improve Your Strategy #4: Make Every Frame Count

The stat: At least 85 percent of Facebook video views occur without the sound being turned on. (Source: Digiday)

What it means for your business: Yep – people at work who are browsing Facebook are watching videos – they’re just doing it with the sound off. We’re visual creatures. In addition to captivating visuals in a video, use text to send a message in Facebook videos. Overlay background visuals with captions that give context to what’s going on so Facebook viewers can still understand. You might create different video versions for what you upload specifically for Facebook keeping this stat in mind.

#5: Add Videos Throughout Your Website

The stat: People spend an average of 2.6 times more time on pages with video compared to pages without video. (Source: Wistia)

What it means for your business: “Dwell time,” or time spent on page, is an indicator to Google that your website has highly engaged users – which can mean higher search results for your page. If you want people to stay on your pages, embed high-quality videos to keep them interested. Use these types of videos on these types of pages:

  • An interview with your CEO for your company’s About page
  • A welcome video on the home page
  • Testimonial videos on the Testimonials page
  • Explainer videos on product pages
  • Videos in blog content

You could add a video transcriptions page on your website to add more SEO value, and add an internal link to the page under every video.

7 Video Marketing Statistics to Improve Your Strategy #6: Make Video the Star of Social

The stat: Social video generates 1,200 percent more shares than images and text combined. (Source: Brightcove)

What it means for your business: Video should be a prominent feature on your social media content calendar. Whenever possible, upload the raw video file as a native video to each network. Don’t just share a YouTube link. Upload the file to Facebook, Twitter, etc. AdEspresso reports there is a 135 percent increase in organic reach for Facebook native videos compared to videos shared through links from other platforms. An increase in reach occurs for Twitter native videos, too.

#7: Include Videos in Emails

The stat: Adding “video” to an email subject line increases open rates by 19 percent, and videos in emails increase clickthrough rates by 50 percent. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

What it means for your business: Use video wisely in emails. You don’t want to spam or overload recipients with videos, but adding a thoughtful and relevant video or two (and adding “[VIDEO]” to your subject line) can pique curiosity. Make sure any video you include correctly relates to the message and works instantly when people press the play button.

More Video Marketing Best Practices

As you build out a video marketing strategy that includes email, social media and website presence, elevate video content with these techniques.

  • Include a website or contact information at the end of the video to incite an action
  • Optimize video headlines and descriptions for SEO Value on any website you upload a video to
  • Keep in mind customers who are hearing-impaired, and feature transcripts when possible – which is good for SEO, too

When strategized and executed well, video marketing can be one of the best inbound marketing techniques for your business. Need some help? Contact us for a free video marketing consultation.