Whether you’re a new business starting marketing from scratch or an established one whose marketing efforts need a boost, you may be wondering whether to handle digital marketing in-house or work with an agency. There’s going to be a monetary investment either way, so how do you know which is best?

As a digital marketing agency ourselves, we admit we’re a little biased in regards to the benefits of outsourcing to an agency. We’ve seen it time and time again with our client work and the results it produces, outsourcing saves your business time and money, and often provides a better return on investment. Here’s how.

Save on Benefits

One up-front way your business will save money by outsourcing is that you won’t have to pay a full-time employee or full-time employees benefits, including paid time off, sick leave, maternity leave, etc. These factors are often some of the most costly expenses businesses incur, but they’re eliminated with outsourcing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Some or All of Your Digital MarketingNever Stop Marketing

Another disadvantage to marketing in-house is that when one of your key members goes on vacation, gets sick or quits abruptly, you’ll have to scramble to put replacements in place in the meantime. Not staying on top of marketing efforts constantly can cause search engine optimization to suffer, conversions to dwindle, and customers to be frustrated and confused by the lack or consistency of your brand communication.

Know Exactly What You’re Paying For

Pretty much anywhere you work, you know there are some employees who just don’t put in the effort their coworkers do. Not only has there been money spent in placing job ads and taking time to interview and hire these types of employees, but the quality of work may be variable.

When you create a contact with an agency, you know the exact hours that agency will spend on certain tasks, or how much a deliverable will cost you. Hiring a full-time employee in-house always presents some risks.

Gain a Team of Experts

When you work with an agency for digital marketing, it’s likely that there will be a team of subject matter experts dedicated to your account. It’s the job of these professionals to stay on top of industry trends, and optimize the work they do for your business based on them. For worker bees in-house, they may not prioritize continued education on evolving digital trends. For an agency, remaining an expert is essential.

Connect with a Wealth of Experience

Agencies don’t just work with a single client. Even if they serve a niche industry, an agency can draw on the experience they have with multiple clients and types of work, and apply those lessons to your business. Likely your business invests in some type of competitor analysis. When you work with an agency, you get insider techniques based on other businesses that may be in your space, too.

Benefits of Outsourcing Some or All of Your Digital MarketingAccess the Best Tools

From content marketing platforms to marketing automation tools, there is a bevy of valuable marketing tools out there that can help you increase efficiency and productivity, thus saving you money and increasing profits. However, many of the highest-quality tools require subscriptions and training in order to master.

Digital marketing agencies know what the best tools for your business are, and they often have the training and subscriptions already in place to immediately put them to work for you. Someone in-house would have to take time to research and learn what you should use. Since these tools are always evolving and new ones constantly emerge, you don’t have to worry about failing to use the top ones when you work with a digital marketing agency.

Acquire New Perspectives

Moving someone in-house into a marketing role means they’re already immersed in your brand standards and culture. This can be a benefit, but it can also leave your content stale. Digital marketing agency experts are often drawn to the field because they enjoy working in creative roles, where they can use their expertise to elevate a variety of brands.

Your digital marketing team will be able to give you insights you and your employees have never thought of before, and use digital marketing best practices to enhance your marketing efforts.

Get a Dedicated Partner

A digital marketing agency is only successful if its clients are. Someone in-house may not be worried about their job security and will only apply minimal effort as a result. For a digital marketing agency, excellence is the only option. Digital marketing agencies thrive on referrals, retention and testimonials from their clients. You can trust that when you hire an agency, they’ll work to deliver results that enable them to keep your business as a client.

Interested in Learning More About What an Agency Can Offer?

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