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The ultimate goal of your marketing is to increase your revenue.  Conversion optimization is a practice that directly focuses on this goal by ensuring your website is converting visitors into leads and ultimately paying customers as efficiently as possible.

Conversion optimization is a systematic approach that aims to improve the performance of your website.  It is driven by insights, such as analytics and customer feedback.  It is not based on guesses or hunches, nor is it blindly following trends in website design.

You’re about to learn all the techniques that you need to know in order to optimize your website for conversions.

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Explore Multivariate Split Testing and A/B Testing

The sharpest tools in your conversion optimization shed are multivariate split testing and A/B testing.  Both of these techniques allow you to systematically explore changes to your website and analyze how they perform.

Multivariate split testing involves testing multiple page elements being altered at the same time in various combinations.  The goal is to determine which combination will perform the best, and determine which elements can be removed or should be featured more prominently.

A/B testing is similar to multivariate testing, but only one element is changed per test.  For example, you might test a green call-to-action (CTA) button versus a red CTA button.  You’ll then measure these results and discover what color your button should be.

Both types of testing depend on your website already having a significant amount of traffic.  You need a steady flow of website visitors to test the changes that you’re making.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different software solutions for running multivariate and A/B tests. This article from Crazy Egg breaks down some of the top conversion optimization software for you to explore.

What elements should you experiment with?  When it comes to landing pages or pages specifically focused on sales, every element should be measured.  You want to refine and enhance any aspect of your sales funnel to aid in increased conversions.  Start by running an A/B test on the color or location of your main CTA buttons.  Once you have that nailed down, run a multivariate split test on the location of your sales copy and the types of images you have.

The software that you select will do all the heavy lifting for you.  All conversion optimization software will tell you which button performed better, or which combination of elements worked the best.

Invest in Sales Automation

Up until now, we’ve discussed conversion optimization as a series of website adjustments that aid in increasing sales.  While that’s most of the battle, another side of conversion optimization is making your sales process as easy as possible.

Sales automation will help streamline your conversion funnel by making it easy for website visitors to become customers.  If possible, you want visitors to have a direct way to make a purchase.  Even if your business relies on generating leads and then contacting them before making a sale, you will still benefit from sales automation software to help qualify and disperse leads.

Docurated has put together a massive list of sales automation tools for you to peruse.  Try out some free trials and discover which piece of software will work best for you.

Dive into Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis is at the core of conversion optimization.  Understanding how prospects make their way through your sales funnel is of the utmost importance.  We recommend you use Google Analytics, at a bare minimum, to track and analyze all the data being generated by your website.

What data is the most important?  While there are several important types of data, you should prioritize tracking and understanding your conversion rate.  Within Google Analytics, you can set Goal URLs, such as a thank you page after a sale is made, or the sales confirmation page.  These goal URLs will dictate your conversion rate.  You’ll also be able to see every step the visitor made prior to reaching this URL.

You may have more than one goal.  For example, you may have one goal for when someone becomes a lead, and another for when someone makes a sale.  Google Analytics will track both of these goals individually and together, depending on how you run the report.

The mission at hand is to increase your conversion rate.  That’s the essence of conversion optimization.  Once you’ve set up Goal URLs, experiment with A/B and multivariate split tests to see which changes increase your conversion rate.  The tools you use to operate your A/B and multivariate tests will also provide insights into your conversion rate.

With an extreme focus on conversion with your digital marketing you will:

  • Reduce your overall sales cycle time
  • Make better use of your marketing dollars
  • Turn more visitors into leads
  • Increase your revenue!

How does your website convert visitors into leads today?  Our Conversion Optimization services will help you ensure you are maximizing the return on your marketing investment!

Track Every Click on Your Website

Analyzing Google Analytics data is well worth your time, but it only presents you with half the story.  Where are people clicking around on your website?  What did they click on before becoming a customer?

You might consider installing a heat-map on your site.  Heat-maps track all mouse activity on your website along with time spent.  You’ll be able to tell which menu items people are drawn to and which buttons attract the most clicks.  A heat-map will even let you know if people are clicking on something that isn’t a button or link.

There are plenty of different providers of heat-maps to explore.  Many of them are WordPress plugins (which you should definitely be using).  Here’s a great list from the folks and WPBeginner that details the top heat-maps.

What do you do with this information?  If people are overwhelmingly clicking on your ‘Pricing’ page, for example, you’ll want to revisit that page and run A/B and multivariate tests on it to enhance its optimization.  As another example, if people are regularly clicking on an image thinking it’s a button, make that image a button!  Essentially, you’ll want to use the heat-map to determine how to further optimize your site to cater to how people use it.

Secret Shopping

One of the best ways to enhance conversion optimization is to act as a secret shopper on your own website.  Go through your check-out processes, purchase a service and use your live chat. Take notes about what you’ve found, or didn’t find, and look for ways to improve your conversion process.

You may also wish to hire someone else to act a secret shopper on your website.  One of the best websites for this is  On this website, a complete stranger will go through your website, discuss what they experience and provide you with feedback.

Add a Live Chat Service

You don’t have to hire a full-time customer support representative in order to offer a live chat service.  There are live chat services that you can employ to keep your customers engaged and educated.

There are multiple benefits that come with adding a live chat service, such as improving conversion rates, building customer loyalty and increasing average order size.

The folks over at Crazy Egg have put together a comprehensive list of the best live chat services to add to your website. Experiment with them and see which live chat services work best for you. Track and measure your conversion rate before and after to determine if it’s worth the price.

Your Business Needs Conversion Optimization

The reality – The vast majority of business owners we speak with have no idea how effective their marketing is. They’re not tracking effectively and they’re certainly not testing strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness.

AlphaMind Studios prides itself on providing a measurable ROI to our clients. There is only one way to do that – provide campaigns that include conversion optimization so we and you know exactly what’s working!

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