What does video have to do with search? Search engine bots can’t crawl a video, so why even bother with adding it to your digital marketing strategy…right?

Video should actually be a crucial component of your search engine optimization efforts. Consider how video-hungry today’s consumers are:

Your customers are ditching their cable subscriptions and watching online videos more than ever before. They want video content from you, and the good news is, producing videos can notch you better search results. Here’s how:

Upload to YouTube

Google, the country’s top search engine, snares nearly two-thirds of search traffic. It owns YouTube, the video-sharing site that boasts over 1 billion users. Click on the Videos tab in Google, and YouTube videos populate search results. If your business wants to play nice with Google, it needs to build a presence on YouTube.

Every upload to YouTube allows account owners to create a headline and description, paired with keywords. Some of your competitors aren’t taking advantage of this, but this is how to get your video content crawled by Google.

You should aim to include a full transcript of your video in your description. Not only does this allow hearing-impaired viewers to consume your content, you can make your video description more keyword-rich.

Pro tip: Include a link back to a relevant web page that complements the video in your description. People who find your video through search can check out more content on your site.



Make Blogs Better with Video

When you’ve got great written, visual or podcast content, think about what angle you can explore on video. Websites and blogs with video content hold viewer attention for more than 2 minutes longer than sites without video.

Blog managers like WordPress enable you to copy and paste a YouTube link into the blog body for instant video addition. Adding video to your blogging efforts helps improve your content and make it more shareable – which gets you more pageviews and more SEO credibility –  in the following ways:

  • Visitors who prefer watching videos to reading can still get the message of your blog.
  • You can convey emotion and a heartfelt message more clearly through video.
  • Highly visual topics get a boost through explainer videos and how-tos.
  • Videos can create a deeper connection between the viewer and the content.

Blog visitors who enjoy your video content will be more likely to share your blog compared to if it was just a huge block of text.

Pro tip: The videos you create further help your website traffic when you turn their content into blog posts or new web pages on your site. Like on YouTube, you can include the entire transcription of the video in a blog post, as well as expound on the video with new blog content. It’s all about maximizing your content creation efforts for the widest audience possible.


Boost Your Facebook Search Results

Save money on Facebook Advertising by playing to the Facebook algorithm and creating videos you upload directly to the social network to get noticed. Facebook has more than 1.37 billion daily active users, and many are turning to the site to search for friend-endorsed recommendations and content from pages they follow, sometimes choosing Facebook search over traditional search engines.

Gain an edge over your competition by using Facebook native video to get seen in more search results and take over view share of your followers. Compared to YouTube links, Facebook videos have a viral reach that is 10 times higher. The average person spends about an hour on Facebook a day. Make sure you are in that network’s search results, too.

Pro tip: Make your video more searchable by pairing it with an engaging, keyword-filled post. You can also add the transcript to the description to power up its searchability.


Create High-Quality Videos

You don’t need expensive equipment or a studio to film videos your customers will love. Anyone with a smartphone can shoot valuable content, and there are a plethora of free video editing software options to polish up your footage.

Include a call to action that links to a page of your website at the end of every video you create. Like any piece of marketing you feature on your site, you want to keep users engaged and continually interacting with your brand. When you add a website link to a video bumper, you can increase interest and traffic to your site from wherever the video is shared.

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