LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking site. Since many companies use LinkedIn to increase conversions it’s one that means the most to many B2B marketers. Here’s why:

Your customers and your competitors are using LinkedIn. Optimize your strategy on the channel to connect with decision-makers and turn them into customers.

How B2B Companies Use LinkedIn to Increase ConversionsFeatures of LinkedIn for B2B Companies to Use

First and foremost, use LinkedIn to build up your personal profile and improve your digital reputation on the channel. LinkedIn Premium is a feature that allows recruiters to gain full access to your profile, and you should consider using it, too. LinkedIn Premium features help those in B2B businesses to use Advanced Search capabilities to:

  • Find the exact decision-makers they want through keywords
  • Search by title and function
  • Get full access to people associated with certain companies

With LinkedIn Premium, you can also see each person who is viewing your profile. Otherwise, some users may stay in a private view. By knowing who is curious about your profile, you can turn that interest into a lead when relevant.

Marketers for B2B companies should also consider using the following LinkedIn features in their marketing strategies.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are groups within the network dedicated to certain types of professionals or interests. Some require that aspiring members apply to join, and others can be joined instantly. Members can:

  • Share industry news
  • Ask for advice from other members
  • Discuss industry topics

Being an active participant in LinkedIn Groups related to your industry allows you to build relationships with valuable professionals. These people can introduce you to those you need to talk to or send leads your way.

You can’t participate in LinkedIn Groups as a business, only as an individual. Be sure to follow your company guidelines when interacting in groups so that you represent your business well. Do not send requests to LinkedIn accounts without some sort of connection in place. Otherwise, the person can mark you as a spam request, which can hurt your standing on the site.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising uses an auction model where businesses can choose from cost per click or cost per impression pricing. B2B brands can target ads based on keyword, decision-maker, industry and more.

Unlike advertising on Facebook or Instagram, a benefit of using the LinkedIn social network as a B2B advertiser is that audience members are looking for content related to their industry. You can use A/B testing to test various ad formats and targeting within LinkedIn, and test ad performance against other paid ad strategies like Google AdWords.

LinkedIn Company Page

Creating a company page for LinkedIn is vital for B2B brands because:

  • You gain a positive search result for search engines
  • You can optimize your LinkedIn company page with keywords that elevate your status in searches on LinkedIn
  • You can share content from your blog and increase traffic to your website, which benefits search engine optimization
  • You can directly engage with current customers and prospects who interact with your page
  • You allow employees for your company to link to your page on their personal profiles, which increases promotion for your company as they use LinkedIn

How B2B Companies Use LinkedIn to Increase ConversionsEach LinkedIn company page features built-in analytics on the platform, so you can see which type of content users are engaging with most.

Gain More Leads on LinkedIn

Once you have personal and business profiles and have a presence in LinkedIn Groups, improve your lead capture strategy with the following techniques.

  • Include calls to action on your company page and in content sharing posts to drive engagement
  • Complete a company page profile with up-to-date and prominent contact information
  • Offer valuable content, such as ebooks, whitepapers, slideshows and research studies, in addition to blogs – share links to landing pages, and exchange an email address for the content
  • Make sure the company LinkedIn page is promoted to employees, so they know about the great valuable content from your company page they can share on their own profiles

Always be aware that anything you post on your personal profile is a representation of your brand, as well. Interact thoughtfully, respectfully and genuinely. B2B experts know the value of strong relationships for sales, and LinkedIn is no different.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence

If you’re a B2B enterprise, having a solid presence on LinkedIn is essential. It’s not enough to just create a page and hope people come to you. Content strategy, proactive management, and providing value throughout the website is key to generating valuable leads and increasing conversions.

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