If you want to save your marketing department time and energy while also giving your content marketing efforts a boost, repurposing stellar content is a solid strategy. A properly planned, well-written blog post may have taken several hours to create, from ideation to research to writing to proofreading to publishing. You can maximize the time that was spent to produce a single blog by transforming it into other content types.

The following ideas don’t just relate to blog posts. Whatever type of content you produce can have many uses when you apply it to different formats. Here’s how to increase the usefulness of whatever type of content you produce, using a blog post as an example.

How to Transform 1 Blog Post into Many Pieces of Great Content

Create an Explainer Video

Is there a tidbit in the blog post that contains a confusing concept or something that can be explained well visually? Use that to create a 1- to 2-minute explainer video. You’ll reap search engine optimization (SEO) benefits and will connect with visual learners. Link back to the blog post in the YouTube description and wherever the video is shared.

Record a Podcast

If you interviewed someone for a blog or used an expert for a quote, get them to expand on what they contributed in a podcast interview. Podcast listeners are a passionate and engaged bunch. Inc. reports that in a survey of 300,000 podcast listeners, 63 percent had bought something a host had promoted. You don’t have to make your product the subject of the podcast, but helpful and valuable podcast content can inspire a sale.

Turn a Blog Post into a Series

For blog posts that provide general overviews of a topic, think about how you can break them down into more specific posts. Find your most popular pieces of content, and use those as ideas for blog post series. Link back to all related articles within each post, so readers can check out more content. You’ll gain more SEO juice and pageviews.

How to Transform 1 Blog Post into Many Pieces of Great ContentConstruct a Slideshow

DMR reports Slideshare, a website collection of slideshows, has more than 80 million users as of April 2018. Slideshows are fun to consume because they provide bite-sized bits of information in visually appealing ways. Use a fact-filled blog post or blog post that has lots of valuable information to create a shareable slideshow.

Design an Infographic

Infographics are an effective form of content because visuals help improve learning and retention by 400 percent, Forbes reports. Blog posts that are lists and how-tos lend themselves well to the infographic format. You can also use content from multiple blogs to create a single infographic with a unifying theme.

Generate an Email Series

Short and simple emails are the most effective, according to a study reported on by Fast Company. You could take a detailed blog post and break it down into shorter email messages, linking to the full blog post in the email. Creating a series of emails based on a blog post helps increase engagement on the blog content since users can directly message your brand through the email.

Get Granular with an Ebook

Just like you can transform a long blog post into shorter, more concise messages, you can also expand on the research a popular blog post presents and turn it into an ebook. An ebook is a lead generation tool that can be used to capture email subscriptions, used as a resource by your prospects, and shared with your customers.

Host a Webinar

If you have a blog post that generated a lot of questions or discussion, your blog consumers may be hungry to learn more. A live or recorded webinar helps educate customers and allows you to address questions a blog post provoked. The participation from the webinar can then inspire future blog posts.

Use Audience Feedback

When you share a blog post on social media or in an email newsletter, you may inspire questions, comments and even testimonial feedback for how the blog post affected readers. If you gain feedback that is particularly insightful, you may want to ask contributors if you can use that for future content. Some ideas include turning a quote into a shareable graphic, using a commenter as a source for a future blog post, or compiling comments into a new blog post.

Use It for Future Content Inspiration

It’s always wise to monitor the performance of your blog posts to see which content is most popular and where traffic is coming from. These blogs are a great place to start if you are ever stuck on ideas or want to repurpose something. Blog posts containing data and research can also be regularly updated and reshared, so they stay fresh while retaining the pageviews you’ve built up.

Build a Better Content Marketing Strategy

If you have a blog or another type of content marketing channel whose effectiveness you’d like to increase, AlphaMind Studios can help. From content strategy to content creation, contact our team for a free consultation on what we can offer your business.