What good is your website if it’s not going to bring you revenue? Sure, awareness and improvements in brand sentiment are great, but conversions should be the main focus of your website. If more of your website visitors become customers, your business reaps benefits like:

  • More referrals

  • Increased social shares of your website

  • Rise in website visits from returning customers

  • Better search engine optimization

Optimizing your website for conversions also means you enhance the user experience for customers. Here are some strategies for improving conversion optimization for your website.

How to Improve Your Website's Conversion Optimization StrategyUse A/B Testing

Throwing something out into the internet and hoping it sticks provides you with nothing measurable to improve upon. A/B testing gives you insight into specific website elements that are working. You can use A/B testing with everything from campaign landing pages to the home page of your website. Half of your visitors are shown one version of the page, and the other half are shown a version with one distinct element that is changed.

Changing one element at a time with A/B testing allows you to hone in on the difference-makers. Showing two completely different pages makes it more difficult to pinpoint what’s working. A/B test website elements like:

  • Images
  • Copy
  • Colors and language of call to action buttons
  • Placement of calls to action

As you learn what is turning more visitors into customers, you can also apply those tactics to marketing efforts like email newsletters, mobile advertising and social media pages.

Increase Usefulness

High bounce rates are a result of visitors being led to web pages that have nothing to do with what they wanted to see. Your website design should focus on:

  • Creating web pages that provide value to visitors
  • Keeping messaging clear and to the point
  • Making it easy for visitors to convert, or at the very least, get more information from your business
  • Eliminating any confusion for the visitor, as far as what the page is about or the journey you want them to take

Whatever your web page is about, only relevant products and services should be tied to it. Think about why people have come to your page, and provide the solutions that best fit their motives.

How to Improve Your Website's Conversion Optimization StrategyAppeal to Emotions

The same psychological principles used during in-person sales can be applied on the web. Think about how you can appeal to major emotions that incite purchases.

  • Fear: Show written and visual testimonials of others enjoying your product or service to inspire a fear of missing out. Create flash sales. Offer limited-time coupons. Reveal how many products are left in stock. Add a countdown timer for when a deal ends. Create one-off products that can only be purchased during a certain time frame.
  • Happiness: Make visitors happier by personalizing the website experience. Feature the visitor’s name on pages when they’re logged in to your website. Give visitors the option to customize their home page experience. Address returning visitors by name on your home page. Suggest products similar to past purchases. Give personalized coupons based on purchase history. Show off ways your company positively contributes to the community.
  • Sadness and anger: Brands like nonprofits can present case studies that demonstrate injustice in order to increase donations. Give-back brands can convey the dire conditions that caused them to partner up with a charity they support. Point out a way the visitor is suffering, perhaps unknowingly, due to a competitor’s business model.

There are ways to design to speak to negative emotions like fear, sadness and anger in a tasteful way that makes sense and positions your brand in a positive light. Think about how purchasing from your brand can make a web visitor happier when you’re using emotionally-charged imagery and copy.

Design with Conversions in Mind

Basic conversion strategy is often ignored by web designers who instead focus on creating beautiful websites that are pretty to look at. When conversion opportunities are helpful, relevant and welcome, they’re easier to complete. Implement opportunities for micro-conversions throughout your website that will lead to increased purchases. These include:

  • Live chat availability pop-ups
  • Prominent contact information
  • Email subscriber pop-ups
  • Landing page lead capture forms
  • Clear, prominent and engaging call to action buttons

As we previously covered, the content you feature on your website should align with the buyer journey to increase conversions. This requires an overall strategy that includes researching who your customers are, what they need, and how to best communicate your brand value to them.

Analyze Current Behavior

Taking an analytical look at how your current visitors are behaving on your website is crucial to inform your strategy. Researching what’s happening now can help you to optimize your budget and time when testing changes. Use these tips.

  • Use heat map research to see where visitors are clicking. A heat map tool like CrazyEgg is a great visual tool to see popular website elements.
  • Use analytics to view customer journeys. A tool like Google Analytics allows your business to view the journeys customers are taking – what pages they’re coming from, what pages are inciting the biggest bounce rate and more. Apply elements from pages that are getting the most conversions elsewhere in your site.
  • Conduct customer surveys. In addition to a mass survey that will give you general insights, try to sit down with customers or have video chats where you can observe their behavior and reactions to your website in real time. Some in-depth case studies with those in your customer demographic can provide you with rich insights for conversion optimization.

Hire an Expert in Conversion Optimization

Keep in mind that your most valuable conversion is one that produces revenue for your business. You don’t want to create a spammy web experience that turns customers off, but the more you can position your value in a way that’s helpful and relevant, the more you can increase conversions that make your business revenue.

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