Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business. It’s the online storefront that greets visitors. It’s a place where you can sell products and contribute to the more than $453 billion worth of ecommerce sales made each year. The average American spends nearly 24 hours a week online, according to the 2017 Digital Future Project by the Center for the Digital Future. Strategic design brings more people to your site.

Just like you’d repaint a brick and mortar or change up the window display, a website refresh can sometimes be good for business. Here are several instances in which a new website design is warranted.

When Should Your Business Redesign Its Website?1. Your Website Doesn’t Work Well on Mobile

Mobile website views outnumber desktop computer views. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites and will penalize those that don’t load quickly and work well on smartphones. If your website is not responsively designed and requires pinching and zooming, it’s not mobile-friendly.

Businesses today should design websites with mobile in mind to reach more users. The website should be easy to navigate with a fingertip, be free of pop-up ads, and load immediately.

2. The Website Is Slow

Slow website loading and navigation on desktop and mobile increases page abandonment and user frustration. As Kissmetrics points out:

  • As page response time increases, so does page abandonment
  • More than 40 percent of users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • A 1-second delay in page response results in a 7 percent reduction in conversions

Mobile users expect the fastest speeds. Google reports 53 percent of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take more than 3 seconds to load. Test your website with PageSpeed Insights to see what needs to be improved.

3. Your Website Is Not Secure

If your website prompts a warning message that it is not secure when it is typed into a browser, that’s a fix that needs to be immediately implemented. Google reports HTTPS protocol for websites is a requirement for most new browser features. Your business website should upgrade its security certificate to SSL to be considered secure.

When a user sees a warning that they should not proceed to an insecure website, that’s a red flag. Additionally, HTTPS is best practice for security that protects your business and customers. It prevents hackers from affecting communications between users and your website, which is an all-around win.

When Should Your Business Redesign Your Website?4. The Bounce Rate Is High

If you notice in your analytics tool that the bounce rate is high, it’s time to consider why visitors are leaving. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after only seeing one page. Some common causes of a high bounce rate are:

  • The page is unrelated to what the visitor expected to see
  • The website isn’t loading quickly enough
  • There are annoying elements to the page, like a pop-up ad or auto-play video
  • Desired information is difficult to find

These are just a few reasons why people might be abandoning pages quickly. If you want to keep visitors engaged so that they visit more of your website and turn into sales, elements need to be changed.

5. Conversions Are Low

If your bounce rate is decent, but you’re still not converting, it might be time for some adjustments. Whether you want to capture email leads for drip marketing campaigns or sell more products on your site, conversions should be the focus. Reasons why conversions on a website might be low include:

  • The call to action is difficult to find or is not compelling
  • Your brand positioning and value are not clear
  • The customer journey is not the ideal one visitors should be taking

A website experience should be engaging and intuitively simple to follow. Great website design inspires action every step of the way, based on relevant and helpful information.

6. You’re Not Ranking for the Keywords You Want to Be

Your website helps your business move into higher search engine rankings. Every page on your site and the content within it contribute to keyword rankings. If you are not ranking for what you want to be ranking for, you might need new pages.

If creating blogs and adding or editing web page content is difficult with your current website, a redesign can help. You also want to make sure that all content is crawlable by search engines and loads quickly. Here are some more onsite SEO pitfalls and how to fix them on your website.

Ready for a Redesign?

If you want a website redesign that is focused on conversions, AlphaMind Studios can help. We’re a digital marketing agency focused on bringing our clients more revenue. That means every element of your website is designed with the intent to convert. Contact us online or at (303) 832-5193 for a free consultation.