The most successful online advertising efforts are rewarded through testing. Maybe you’re running ads on Google AdWords, on niche websites and on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. That’s all great, but if you neglect to consider Reddit, you might be missing out on reaching your most ardent soon-to-be-customers. With 250 million users on this self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet”, what potential does advertising on Reddit have for your business?

Should Your Business Consider a Sponsored Reddit Post?But First…What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a website with a collection of popular links from around the web, submitted by and voted on by Reddit users. Link categories on the site are as broad as /worldnews and /nba, but they can get as granular as /campfirecooking and /emojipasta. There are 9,000 “subreddits,” or category pages to browse. Young men between the ages of 18 to 29 are the most likely to use Reddit, with Pew Research Center reporting at least 15 percent of this demo is on the site. Men, in general, dominate site usage, though up to 13 percent of women love Reddit, too.

Users can submit a link and add a descriptive title. The link hits the category’s New column, and if it’s voted positively enough, it can make its way to the Rising or Hot sections. Users also have the ability to submit text-based posts in categories, which can range from random thoughts to pleas for advice.

How Advertising Works on Reddit

In order to advertise on Reddit in the Promoted Post format, the advertisement will need to be promoted by an actual Reddit account. There are two types of Promoted Posts on the site: link ads and text ads. A link ad looks like a link submitted by a user, but it will appear on the top of the page, will have a slightly grayer background, and will have a “promoted” distinction. Users who click on the description will be taken to an external site off Reddit.

 Should Your Business Consider a Sponsored Reddit Post?

With a text ad, the ad drives users to another page on Reddit, which can open up a longer description of the offer, display external links or show a discussion on a topic related to your brand. For example, a text ad could contain a question your target customer often has, and when a user clicks over, you display a helpful and thorough Q-and-A that positions you as a subject matter expert. Reddit allows you to target text ads or link ads via subreddits or interests, which are collections of similar subreddits. Reddit also has traditional display ads, that click over to external links and feature creative imagery and copy.

Reddit is a website that is highly focused on fostering an authentic community that discourages spam. As such, the Promoted Post ads naturally integrate with the format and can capture user attention. They’re also a heck of a lot cheaper than the display ads, with Promoted Post budgets starting at $5 compared to tens of thousands of dollars for display ads. Users are charged by CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, and advertisers get access to a detailed dashboard to see current results.

The Benefits of Advertising on Reddit

Often, marketers are told to focus on engagement for successful campaigns. Focus on content users keep coming back to, are passionate about commenting on, want to contribute to, and are eager to share with their friends. Reddit excels at engagement. Visit any subreddit, and you can see how many active fans are currently on the page gobbling up its content.

Should Your Business Consider a Sponsored Reddit Post?

This is great news for brands with niche interests. Not only can you target as specifically as you want with your Reddit ad, but you are also targeting fervent fans of the topics they’re browsing. While advertising on a platform like Facebook might allow you to choose similar keywords in targeting, those might be topics that the users who see your ad are no longer interested in. Maybe they added it to their profile 10 years ago, and your ad spend on Facebook will be wasted because they won’t be paying attention like Reddit users.

Should Your Business Consider a Sponsored Reddit Post?Best Practices for Reddit Promoted Posts

Because users in each subreddit are actively looking for valuable content related to that page’s topics, relevant and helpful content can resonate. However, because Reddit’s community also has a vitriolic hatred for spam – so much so that users encourage each other to report spammy accounts in hopes they might be banned from the site – it’s essential to follow these best practices when creating a Promoted Post:

  • Make sure the content fits the subreddit
  • Speak the language of that community
  • Don’t mislead with the copy in your headline
  • Provide value
  • Interact with Reddit users who interact with your ad

Fail to heed these, and your brand’s reputation may tank among Reddit users, the exact opposite effect you had hoped for. You should also read each subreddit’s rules, located on the right-hand side of the page, to make sure your post will complement the organic content that is being submitted.

To make your Reddit Promoted Post more relevant and helpful, become an active participant in the subreddits you’re considering before you even run an ad. This gives you an idea of the users’ pain points and how they like to communicate.

Test your ad on related subreddits and compare results. While it’s not possible to run more than one ad on Reddit at a time, you could run daily or weekly ad campaigns and then compare those against each other. At the very least, compare your Reddit results to any other online advertising platforms you’re using.

Get Help with Reddit Paid Advertising and Other Social Media Strategies

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