If you’re serious about marketing, you probably know you can’t do it alone. Using marketing software:

  • Automates processes, like sending out emails in a drip campaign
  • Drills down details, so your team can focus on big-picture strategy
  • Provides rich analytics, that helps your business make smarter, data-driven decisions
  • Saves you time and money, since you can execute more quickly and don’t have to worry about fixing manual errors

Marketing software’s precision, speed and ease of use enables teams to test campaigns and gain results visibility instantly. Here are some of the software that we use and recommend to our clients.

Six Types of Marketing Software We Use



What it is: Email and marketing automation tool

Why it works: MailChimp has long been a top provider of email marketing solutions, providing A/B and multivariate testing so users can optimize emails. Its integration with stores like Shopify allows businesses to send emails based on user behavior, as well as product follow-up messages. Robust reporting shows users what email elements are driving conversions.

MailChimp also has a paid ads service for Facebook, Instagram and Google remarketing ads. MailChimp’s mobile app allows for on-the-go campaign creation. Users can compare their performance with ads versus email in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Best Software for Businesses That are Serious About MarketingGravity Forms


What it is: WordPress plugin

Why it works: If you have a website or blog built on the WordPress content management system, you’ll want to use Gravity Forms. Instead of people simply reading your blog or visiting your landing page, helpful and relevant forms pop up that enhance the user experience – and increase your conversions. Customize contact forms by using form fields in the Gravity Forms bank. Capture the exact data you want from visitors on any page of your site.

The conditional logic feature within Gravity Forms allows you to get as granular as you’d like as users populate the fields. Gravity Forms also enables file upload and save for later options, so users stay engaged with your brand.



What it is: Local SEO tool

Why it works: BrightLocal helps locally focused businesses improve their local search rankings through better Google My Business strategies, local search citations, local online review management and more. Track your search rankings based on terms you want to rank for, make sure you’re on the most important local citation sites for your business, and quickly identify local SEO areas you can improve upon.

BrightLocal also providers busy marketers with automatic local review site tracking and data aggregator submissions. Businesses that do well on local online review sites respond to customers, and BrightLocal enables you to stay on top of all your reviews so you can give prompt feedback. Data tracking shows your team how your efforts are directly impacting your search rankings.



What it is: Customer relationship management with marketing automation

Why it works: Infusionsoft gives businesses rich insights into their customers, including every single action they take with your business. This allows you to tailor email marketing to them, send them personalized offers, and present them with the solutions they’re looking for. With Infusionsoft, users can reach out to frequent website visitors, send offers to the most engaged customers and turn more abandoned shopping carts into purchases with timely messaging.

Create unique landing pages and drip email campaigns based on actions visitors take. Segment contacts to personalize messaging. Use the CRM to personalize messaging with unique contact information.



What it is: Inbound marketing software

Why it works: Every marketing component in HubSpot is powered by the free CRM tool that shows users every interaction website visitors have with a brand. Capture info through email signups, with customized forms you create on landing pages you design within the interface. Manage your email marketing within HubSpot, which enables A/B testing and delivers analytics for every marketing action.

You can also manage a blog and social media in HubSpot, scheduling content for as far out as you want for automatic publication. HubSpot shows you what messages are resonating with which users. Send customized emails based on blogs users have read, and much more.

Best Software for Businesses That are Serious About MarketingGoogle Analytics


What it is: Website analytics

Why it works: In order to make smart marketing decisions, you need to harness data insights to drive those actions. Google Analytics gives you a clear view of behavior throughout your website, as well as integrates with online advertising platforms to show you how your campaigns are doing. Set conversions goals within the platform, and track where drop-off and conversions are occurring.

You can see website demographics like what countries users are from, see which websites are sending you the most referrals, and view time spent on page for every page on your website. Use the Google Campaign URL Builder to create custom URLs for campaigns, then track their performance in the Analytics tool.

Curious About These Tools? AlphaMind Can Help

At AlphaMind, it’s our goal to pair our client work with the very best in marketing software. To increase conversions and save clients money, we use, recommend and implement marketing software that is easy to use and that turns leads into sales. Get a free marketing consultation by giving us a call at (303) 832-5193 or contacting us online.