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Your website design has two important responsibilities: represent your brand and perhaps, more importantly, convert traffic into customers. A website that falls short in either responsibility is costing your business massive revenue. Website designers are often unaccustomed with designing a website with conversions in mind. They may create an aesthetically pleasing website that represents the brand, but it won’t turn traffic into customers.

That’s where we come in. As a digital marketing agency, every element of your website is crafted to increase conversions. Everything from the positioning of your Call-to-Action (CTA) elements, to the content on your website, is created with the sole purpose of generating more conversions.

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What Exactly Is a Conversion?


A conversion is an act of turning visitors into something more valuable to your business. The exact definition of a conversion for your business will depend on your model, overall strategy, and specific goals.

Generally, there are several actions that fall under the conversion umbrella:

  • Filling out a contact form with appropriate contact information
  • Purchasing a product or service
  • Click through to an app store
  • Signing up for a free product or newsletter

A high amount of traffic to your website is fantastic, but without conversions, that traffic will fail to grow your business. With conversions, you’ll generate leads, grow a subscriber list, increase your app downloads and make more sales.


Is Your Website Stuck In The Past


When was the last time you redesigned your website?

Trends and technology change and grow all the time. For example, studies show there is a high likelihood a visitor may never access your site from a desktop or laptop, only visiting you from a mobile device. There’s always something new coming out that can help your website in its two core responsibilities (representing your brand and increasing conversions). Due to the fast pace of technological growth, most businesses and organizations should redesign their websites every two years.


Don’t simply update for the sake of updating, though. There are concrete, tangible benefits to completely overhauling your website:

  • Have a trendy design – Website design trends change all the time. A website that’s more than two years old usually looks like a website that’s at least five years old. Your target customers are typically aware of what a modern website should look like. If your website fails to embody a modern look, it will also fail to represent your brand and create conversions. If your website isn’t up-to-date, then potential customers will believe that your product or service is also out of date.
  • Keep up with your competitors – No business exists in a void. You have competitors, and they’re redesigning their website every two years (at a minimum). Websites are often the first touch point for potential customers, which makes them an important conversion tool. An outdated website will drive your traffic directly into the welcoming arms of your competitor.
  • Protect your digital assets – The older your website, the more prone it is to security vulnerabilities. Only by using the latest software and up-to-date coding practices can you protect your digital asset from infiltration. A website that’s gone more than two years without an update is more vulnerable than a freshly designed website.

Do you see why you should refresh your website every two years? This is especially important if your current website is not presently responsive, therefore not catering to mobile users. In fact, you should care more about mobile users than you do about desktop users.

Design Your Website for Mobile Only Users


We’re living in the age of the mobile-only user. Is your business prepared?

Once upon a time, a website was designed exclusively for desktop use. That all changed when smartphones and tablets rose in popularity.

Now, business owners are faced with a new challenge: many of your customers will never visit your site on a desktop. That’s right, we’re now in the era of mobile-only website design. Your website should be fully functional on any device, with any screen resolution or operating system.

Your website must be designed for mobile only users. They will not use a desktop to visit your website if they discovered you on their mobile device. In fact, many mobile users do not even own a desktop.

There’s no question about it, you need a responsive website that’s optimized for mobile-only users. An effective mobile website will:

  • Be designed for users with small screens
  • Minimize load times as well as keep the amount of data used to a minimum
  • Have streamlined site navigation, prioritizing important information and conversion funnels
  • Simplify content to only include important links and necessary images
  • Make use of single column layouts
  • Use whitespace to improve the overall design
  • Enable the tracking of valuable traffic metrics and solicit feedback from users
  • Prevent frustration from long load times
  • Streamline the purchase process so users can complete their orders on their mobile devices

How does your website look on a mobile device? More importantly, is your website converting mobile traffic into customers? Our website design services will help you design a responsive website that will convert the growing population of mobile-only users.

Why You Need a Custom Website Design


Your business isn’t like any other business – Why should your website be?

At AlphaMind Studios, we offer expert website design that will provide you with a digital asset that both represents your brand and increases conversions. We do not create proprietary code; all our work can be easily passed on to another agency or developer should you decide to leave AlphaMind Studios.

We provide customized WordPress and Shopify sites. We’ll begin by scheduling a design meeting to get a detailed understanding of your business and what you want to project to your audience.

Are you ready to begin your journey towards an effective, mobile-optimized website? Our website design services will have your business stand out from the pack. Contact us today: 303-832-5193 to schedule a FREE website evaluation and consultation.

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