Don’t worry, writers: the robots aren’t coming for your jobs…yet.

They actually may be able to help your work become more efficient, particularly if you work in the arena of content marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help eliminate mundane content marketing tasks that are essential to producing high-quality content. These include:

  • Keyword research
  • Planning topics
  • Scheduling social shares for content
  • Using analytics to inform strategy

AI uses machine learning to discover insights and trends based on data, then devise and update algorithms to make processes more efficient. There’s a lot of data to pull from – in just the past few years, about 90% of all the world’s data has been created. Think of all the data that relates to content:

  • Which users are consuming content
  • What channels they’re getting content from
  • What type of content they’re most likely to consume
  • What user experience produces the best results for content marketing

With the help of smart machines, content marketers can produce better content that results in more conversions.

What AI Means for Content MarketingAI Tools for Content Marketing

The benefit of AI with content marketing is that it helps cut out guesswork so you can make data-driven decisions. With AI, you can collect more valuable data that shows you what your target audience is interested in reading, what their most common questions are and what concerns they may have about your industry.

There are plenty of AI tools that enable content marketers to scale content, improve content and make content more personalized. Here are some common pain points and solutions.

Pain Point: I Need Content That Converts

Solutions: Skyword is a content marketing platform that uses deep learning to recommend content with the highest conversion potential and employs freelance writers to create it. uses data science to identify highly engaging content. ZetaHub identifies the content that you already have that is most likely to increase conversions.

Pain Point: I Need to Create Higher Quality Content

Solution: Acrolinx uses an AI system to read and score content so you can improve it, including suggesting when to shorten or simplify sentences. Grammarly is a free spelling and grammar checker for cut-and-paste content.

Pain Point: I Need to Get More Organized with Content Creation

Solution: MarketMuse uses AI to create content strategies and improve content scheduling productivity. BuzzSumo provides trending topics for more relevant content creation.

Pain Point: I Need to Measure My Content Effectively

Solution: Curata measures and analyzes how content performs across various channels.

Once you have your content, you can use other marketing automation tools to make sure you’re distributing it regularly and to the right people. An inbound marketing tool like HubSpot will show you the exact types of leads who are converting on specific types of content.

What AI Means for Content MarketingWhat About Apps That Actually Write Content?

Yep, they’re out there. And, most likely, if you read news on the internet, you’ve probably read something written by a robot at some point. Algorithms have created everything from financial reports to sports recaps. Fox, Yahoo and Associated Press are three companies that have used AI to create their content.

However, as we’ve seen from Google’s constant move toward rewarding high-quality, valuable content with higher search results, writing content that resonates with humans is still the top priority. As we’ve seen with penalties for keyword-stuffing content, simply using content to push a keyword agenda is not a successful long-term strategy.

Consider the other elements that help content succeed with users and search engines:

  • Content is read
  • Content is shared
  • Content creates a connection
  • Content builds trust
  • Content converts

Savvy leads and customers who notice a lack of human connection or a robotic-like tone in content may lose trust or respect for your brand. If you want to create posts that are 2,000+ words, as recommended as the most effective length by content marketing expert Neil Patel, having a robot create your content means there is increased risk for mistakes and content that just doesn’t read well or make much sense.

But if AI functions can help content marketers improve their work, then it’s a win-win for both the business and the consumer. If AI can help in areas like content ideation, connecting businesses with the best freelancers for the content they need, content testing and content optimization, content creators can save so much valuable time and focus on more valuable tasks for your business.

At AlphaMind Studios, we use many AI-powered marketing automation and inbound marketing tools to help our customers save money and increase their conversions. If you’d like a free consultation on your content marketing efforts, please contact us.