If you’ve searched a term on Google lately (and there are about 5.5 billion searches on the search engine a day), you’ve probably noticed the answer to what you were looking for popped up on the screen without you even having to click over to another page. Search queries for things like recipes, definitions and answers to questions often deliver search results called featured snippets.

What Does a Featured Snippet Look Like?

Featured snippets appear in a block above organic search results and are sometimes followed by a “People also ask” section. Featured snippets include a concisely summarized answer to the search query. The answer is pulled from a webpage, whose link is also included in the snippet, along with the title of the webpage.

What Are Featured Snippets, and How Can Your Brand Capture Them?How Common Are Featured Snippets?

The likelihood of featured snippets popping up in results has been steadily increasing since 2016. A study by STAT Search Analytics shows a 14 percent increase from January 2016 to April 2017, with featured snippets showing up in 23 percent of search engine results pages.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important?

Featured snippets are important because:

  • A searcher may get their answer in the snippet, and not proceed to another page
  • This means your site may lose out on traffic
  • If you can get the featured snippet for a term, and the user wants to learn more, your site will be at the top of results

Moz reports clickthrough rates on featured snippet pages increase 6 percent, which can increase organic traffic revenue more than 600 percent.

What Makes Content Likely to Get the Featured Snippet Position?

Nearly all results in the featured snippet position are already results that would show up in the organic top 10 Google results for the same term, research by Ahrefs shows. If you’d like to increase your chances of being the featured snippet, you should look at pages where you already rank in the top 10 results, and then work to optimize those pages for featured snippets.

What Are Featured Snippets, and How Can Your Brand Capture Them?How Can You Optimize Content for Featured Snippets?

Since paragraphs are the most common types of featured snippets, making sure all your blogs and articles on your website are broken down into bite-sized, digestable pieces of content increases your chances. Paragraphs should range between 45 to 97 words and between 293 to 752 characters to be featured, since those are the average-to-maximum ranges, Moz reports.

How Do Lists and Tables Relate to Featured Snippets?

Lists and tables are two other forms of featured snippet content. When looking at optimizing your top content for featured snippets, identify places where a list or table would be appropriate. Keep the information concise and digestible by using subheads to break up content, and keeping listed content short and sweet.

How Can You Use Questions for Featured Snippets?

When creating content, use keyword research to find questions people are asking that relate to your content. You can use those questions as subheads, and then answer them with paragraphs, lists or tables. It’s wise to follow content best practices and avoid keyword stuffing, but the more questions you can naturally and helpfully answer in your content, the better for the featured snippet.

How Do Longtail Keywords Relate to Featured Snippets?

Longtail keywords are search terms that are typically longer than three words and that are highly specific. Longtail keywords produce the most featured snippet results, Ahrefs reports. This means, the most valuable content you can create that naturally incorporates terms people are searching for, the better. In addition to writing for popular search terms, integrate longtail search terms that result in leads and conversions from focused users.

Which Website Dominates Featured Snippets?

Wikipedia.org tops the featured snippets popularity list, because it includes plenty of factual information in easy-to-read formats. While it’s difficult to compete with sites like Wikipedia for featured snippet positions, this data shows how important it is for your website to have a presence on them if you can provide credible sources in reference articles. When people click on these snippets, your site may be one they consult, as well.

Get Help for Featured Snippets

If you want to be in more featured snippets positions for keywords that matter to your business, you need thorough search engine optimization (SEO) research and amazing content. AlphaMind Studios can help with both. We use the best industry tools to help you identify featured snippets with potential for your business, as well as to find ones you and your competitors already rank for. Contact us for a free SEO consultation online or at (303) 832-8193, to learn where featured snippets opportunities lie for your brand.