For some companies, a mission statement isn’t much more than an afterthought. Some businesses may be too small to think it matters. Others may be so focused on all the other moving parts of a business, one is added to a website “in the meantime” and never gets updated. Others create a sentence or two just so that there’s something there, but none of their employees know it, much less care about it.

Mission statements serve several functions for a business. A mission statement:

  • Conveys to employees what drives their work
  • Gives enterprises a common goal to focus on
  • Unites strategic efforts across departments

For marketers, a clear and meaningful mission statement can be crucial in attracting and retaining customers. Millennials, for example, are drawn to brands with meaning, according to research reported by Fast Company. Brands whose missions align with consumers’ own values are more likely to be successful for the millennial age group, especially those whose missions include an emphasis on giving back or helping a community.

There are many ways a thoughtful mission statement helps with inbound marketing, which attracts customers by providing valuable content that satisfies their needs. Here’s why a mission statement needs to be an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy.

First, the Keywords

Any mission statement that is uploaded to your business website will contain keywords that are crawlable to search engines and that can bring your more leads. A good mission statement will be written to engage users, but you can also strategically include keywords that brings leads to your site.

For example, the keywords “best personal computers in the world,” “digital music” and “future of mobile media” are all within Apple’s mission statement. The company also uses “best personal computing experience” and “innovative hardware” in its press releases, which are often sent out digitally.

After you’ve drafted versions of a mission statement, search for places where you can naturally insert keywords that mean something to your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. You can also use your SEO tool within your content management platform to optimize your headline and meta description with those keywords for the mission statement page. Add a lead capture form on the mission statement page so that it’s easy for leads coming to you from search engines to further their interactions with your company.

Why Your Company Mission Statement Matters for Inbound Marketing A Mission Statement Can Create Customer Connections

With access to any information a consumer could want online, it’s no surprise research before buying is the norm. Nielsen Research shows more than half of consumers look up product information in travel, beauty, personal care and consumer electronics before buying. In the B2B space, 89 percent of researchers use the internet during the research process, and at least 12 searches on average are done before a brand is even engaged with.

When searchers are wavering between a couple or several brands, a compelling mission statement may be the deciding factor. While part of a mission statement’s purpose is to unite employees, a mission statement should also be written with conversions in mind. It should include language that incites action, makes leads and customers feel more in touch with a brand, and drives more sales. Resist the urge to create a mission statement full of fluff and rainbows. Use concrete examples of why your business makes a difference to its customers and to the world.

Why Your Company Mission Statement Matters for Inbound Marketing Mission Statements Drive Content Creation

From product development to public relations, a mission statement should serve as a guiding force for how your business operates and grows. This also relates to content marketing. The mission of your business should drive its content focus areas, so that any content you’re promoting correlates with the values of your business mission.

Besides aligning marketing content, a mission statement can also:

  • Inspire content ideas, whether it’s a blog post that explains the reasoning behind your mission statement, or a shareable graphic that displays a key quote from it
  • Be used in video marketing, where leadership in your company explains its meaning and talks about what the mission means to them and their work
  • Be linked to in content, so blog readers can learn more about your company
  • Be included on other marketing materials to give leads a better idea about your company, from product information sheets, to ebooks

Business success today is about so much more than just the product. It’s about making customers, especially younger generations, feel like the companies they’re purchasing from are contributing to the greater good. A memorable mission statement included in content and marketing materials can increase brand awareness. A mission statement can also unify the work of your marketing department, so that strategies are aligned and content improves.