A successful blog is dependent on the quality of the content

The goal of content is to provide a resource of information to your audience, however, your content doesn’t have to be lame. Boring, irrelevant, and poorly written content is not going to move the needle, and in a lot of instances actually have a negative effect on any visitor to your site that may come across it.

Some of the best blogging for businesses happens in house by one of your many skilled and highly knowledgeable staff members. The expertise and experience of those working professionals is an often untapped source of high quality and informative content.

Some businesses that don’t have the time or expertise to creatively and consistently produce new content are turning to other companies that specialize in multiple types of content creation along with hiring freelance copy writers. These expert content providers may be responsible for researching and writing new copy or they may manage the full publishing cycle from ideation to content calendars and publishing dates. Outsourcing content creation to experts not only removes the “I don’t have time” factor from not maintaining a blog but also ensures that content is of the highest quality.


As a business owner if you opt to create at least some of your blog content yourself, following an easy to understand content guide will empower your content goals. Without rehashing all the elements of writing from your English 1o1 course,  a refresher to understanding the basics of content creation or what to expect from a content copy writer at a high-level then can be found by reviewing the following steps:



Feature an attention-grabbing headline and introductory paragraph

If your first few opening lines don’t hook the reader in they will leave and the rest of the information contained within that content to go unread.

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Be actionable

Readers should be able to put your ideas to use or be inspired to try a new idea and at the very least consider an issue from another angle. Don’t be bossy, tell readers what to they need to know and offer insights that give them the confidence to try something new.

Provide answers

When planning your blog posts, consider the questions your audience may have. What would they be looking for? What are their pain points, and how can you solve them? Build your content from that foundation.

Be accurate and well-written

Grammatical errors and typos diminish your credibility. If you can’t articulate what you want to say, consider working with a professional who can.

Be Factual, Don’t Plagiarize

Write from personal first-hand experience or source information from reputable sources. Link to or cite any sources you use. Always give credit where credit is due. Just because you may not be the originator of some knowledge or information doesn’t mean that your audience won’t still find it useful.

Use On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO doesn’t have to be a mystery, if you are boot strapping your business and creating the content yourself you will need to understand these basic principles as part of a bigger On-Site and Off-Site SEO strategy.

Use keywords sparingly

Keywords should be natural; ideally, your audience should not be able to tell which keywords you’re trying to target.

Link to your internal pages and provide sharing buttons

After they read your content, where on your site is the next logical step to go, is it a share or an internal page with more content

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Include proper tags

In order for your content to be correctly indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and appear correctly when shared on social media sites having a well thought out Title, Headers, and Meta Tag is a must.




Following these steps and continuing on to more in-depth content marketing tactics is a crucial technique to grow your business, establish yourself and your brand as knowledgeable subject matter experts in your field. Great content will also help grow your brand’s library as a trusted source of helpful data that your audience can return to, bookmark, and share.